Falkenyr is the primary author, editor and contributor to Firm Ground Below.  A veteran participant and dyed-in-the-wool enthusiast for interactive worlds, he cut his teeth on a variety of MUDs, MUSHes, and MOOs – the text-based forefathers of massively multiplayer games.  As both a player and later as an administrator and designer of these games, he grounded himself in many of the design elements and deliberations that continue to recur throughout the genre and industry.  With the advent of the graphical equivalents of these games, he’s played countless titles in the genre – experiencing the initial days of Ultima Online, the blooming of the genre with the rise of EverQuest and World of Warcraft, the shift away from cooldown-and-hotkey combat championed by Guild Wars 2, and the recent pivot away from the DIKU/themepark titles toward the interactive sandboxes that will make up the next generation of titles.

Having spent considerable time as an officer in the now-defunct guild Condemned, he achieved multiple world and US #1 clears of raid content, multiple gladiator titles in World of Warcraft’s arena, an undefeated track record in Guild Wars 2’s world vs. world player-vs-player content.

His opinions and soapboxing on design elements in interactive worlds stems from his own experience as an administrator, creative designer, and implementor on multiple MUDs including: FaerunMUD, Forever’s End, Shadows of Isildur, and Xyllomer, and his experience as a core tester and developer contact for nearly every major title that has been released in the past five years, including core raid testing pre and post launch for Star Wars: The Old Republic, core alpha and beta testing for Guild Wars 2, core beta testing for The Elder Scrolls Online, and core alpha and beta testing for WildStar.

He lives in the Bay Area.

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